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Andy: A Successful Entrepreneur

Having founded his company on a shoestring budget, Andy is now selling it for $100 million. He will personally receive about $20 million from the transaction. As part of the sale of his company Andy will receive a large concentrated stock position in a public company. Andy is also passionate about making a difference in San Diego.

Andy wants to responsibly manage his newfound wealth by creating a lasting family legacy plan which allow his children to carry his vision forward. He wants a trusted advisor to help him manage his portfolio and guide his family on making sound financial decisions.

We help entrepreneurs like Andy liquidate shares of restricted and concentrated stock positions over time to minimize taxes while reducing risk. Also, we can work closely with philanthropic clients to establish donor advised funds using shares of concentrated stock positions. Through this process, Andy gets a tax deduction when he donates his stock to the donor advised fund. Then, he makes contributions out of the donor advised fund to his favorite nonprofits as he chooses.

We often assist clients like Andy by discussing financial responsibilities and leaving a legacy for children. We help people create a family mission statement that secures and guides their philanthropic efforts. We connect clients like Andy with other similar families so that they can share ideas about how to raise financially responsible children in an affluent environment.