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Education Planning

Education planning is an excellent way to prepare for your loved ones’ higher education goals. Whether you’re saving for college, graduate school, or private secondary education, we can help you plan for those expenses. Tuition inflation can be high, so we factor in the true cost of education today to plan for your family’s needs. See how our education and financial planning services can help you reach savings goals to support you and your family.

Our financial advisors can help you answer questions like:

  • How much do you really need to save for college?
  • Should you use an UTMA/UGMA custodial account or a 529 plan?
  • Which 529 plan should you select based on taxes, investments, and fees?
  • What are the tax implications of using a 529?
  • What happens if your child or grandchild doesn’t use all the funds in their account?
  • How does a 529 or UTMA/UGMA custodial account impact your child’s/grandchild’s ability to qualify for financial aid through the FAFSA?

Paying for your children’s or grandchildren’s education is a meaningful contribution to their lives.  Determining how to do so can be a key component of financial planning. See how our team at D&Y can help you reach your family’s goals by developing an educational savings plan today.


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