Six Easy Ways to Boost Your Home’s Sale Price

By on August 29, 2019
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If you are planning to sell your house, plenty of ways exist to boost your home’s sale price. Here are six things you can do to increase your home’s value for little or no cost.

1. Declutter.

A cluttered home is a turnoff for home buyers. Pay special attention to bathroom counters, mantel places, tables and shelving. Sort through your things and donate, sell, recycle and toss stuff you no longer need. Take toasters, coffee maker, and other kitchen gadgets off kitchen counters.

2. Make the house look more spacious.

You can often make a home or condo appear bigger than it is by rearranging furniture to create a better flow. Consider removing bulky items. Replace heavy draperies with vertical blinds or shutters to let in lights. Add a single large mirror to visually boost the space.

3. Organize closets, drawers and cabinets

Don’t just stuff your closets, drawers, and cabinets to make the rest of your house look good. Prospective buyers will check them. If they see that they are crammed full, they could wonder how all of their possessions will fit inside. Keep your spaces in cabinets and in closets tidy and organized. Even better, if possible, leave your closets only half full.

4. Keep your house immaculate.

Nothing turns off buyers more than an unkempt house. Buyers can’t help but wonder if you can’t keep the place clean when you are trying to sell the place, how did you treat it normally? Go beyond normal cleaning. Dust ceiling fans and blinds, clean light fixtures, wash windows, scrub tile grout. If you aren’t up to the task, hire a professional cleaner.

5. Depersonalize your home.

It’s hard to imagine a house being yours when the owner’s family photos and personal keepsakes are prominently displayed. Pack them away.

6. Pay attention to landscape.

A house’s curb appeal can be hugely important so you should consider investing some money into landscaping. Spread mulch in garden beds, plant flowers, invest more money in some large perennials or shrubs to make it look like you didn’t just start working on your yard. Fertilize your lawn as soon as you know you’re going to be selling your house.

Decorate with a small number of tasteful potted plants, but get rid of any tacky collections of potted plants that tend to accumulate over the years.


Six Easy Ways to Boost Your Home’s Sale Price

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