Alana C. Asmussen

Lead Advisor, Principal

Alana joined Dowling & Yahnke in 1995 and is a key participant in the growth and development of the Firm. She has extensive experience managing portfolios and guiding clients through all phases of their financial lives.

Alana holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) designations, and has a Master of Science in Business Administration, Financial Planning (MSBA) from San Diego State University. She completed her undergraduate work at the University of Iowa with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Economics.

Alana is an enthusiastic world traveler, a voracious reader, and the proud parent of an adorable French Bulldog. Born and raised in Iowa, she moved to San Diego in 1992.

Why did you join Dowling & Yahnke?

There were so many companies that focused on selling a product (insurance, annuities, etc.) instead of talking about helping their clients. The focus seemed all wrong compared to how I envisioned my career path. I was impressed that Mark Dowling and Dale Yahnke were growing this company that was so different than what I was seeing elsewhere. I liked their independence and the feeling that I could really make a difference in helping them grow the firm while also getting to work to help clients in a way I thought was right.

What quality of yours makes you best suited for what you do?

I think being a good listener with a genuine interest in helping people makes me well suited to this job. I’m also a problem solver by nature and a good advocate. Having the experience and education specific to this industry is a very important foundation, then these other qualities help me apply what I know to help my clients.

What is your favorite spot in San Diego?

I love sitting on a bench on the bluffs in Del Mar looking out over the ocean. The immensity of the ocean gives everything else in life such perspective. It’s a great place to contemplate the future, enjoy the present, and review with gratitude the life I get to live in this beautiful city.

What book are you currently reading?

Right now, I’m reading (for the second time) The Private Lives of the Impressionists by Sue Roe. I love reading about people who have done inspiring things. I also really enjoy a good British or Scandinavian mystery or police procedural.

Do you have any pets? Do you have a favorite pet?

I have an adorable French Bulldog. She is spoiled rotten but endlessly entertaining. I’ve been told (more than once) that she looks like Winston Churchill.


  • University of Iowa, BBA Economics
  • San Diego State University, MSBA Financial & Tax Planning


  • CFA Institute
  • CFA Society of San Diego, Inc.; Past President