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Andrew J. Collier


Andrew joined Dowling & Yahnke in 2020 and supports the financial planning team.  Prior to joining Dowling & Yahnke, he served in a financial planning and advisory role at an investment advisory firm in Denver.  He has also worked in other positions within the financial services industry, including commercial credit analysis, financial data research, and forensic economic analysis.

Andrew holds a Master of Arts in Economics from the University of San Francisco.  He also holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from New Mexico State University.

Andrew is originally from Denver, Colorado where he was an active volunteer for the Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center.  In addition, he served as a volunteer educator for Junior Achievement in San Francisco. Andrew recently moved to San Diego with his wife and son.

Why did you join Dowling & Yahnke?

As I researched Dowling & Yahnke, it became clear that their client’s well-being is the main concern.  I discovered that Dowling & Yahnke has a track record of helping clients thrive for almost thirty years.  I feel that I can continue to gain valuable skills and knowledge as a part of this team of talented professionals, while believing in what we stand for and how we serve our clients.

What inspired you to work in the financial industry?

While studying economics and finance in college, I initially had a desire to become a research economist.  While I continue to enjoy the intellectual puzzles put forth by formal research, I wanted more exposure to real world challenges and how to address them in real time.  The financial services industry, investment management, and financial planning has been a natural progression.  I admire and get inspired by specific leaders and decision makers in finance for their intelligence, energy, integrity, constant drive for improvement, and the impact they make.

What is your favorite place in San Diego?

I truly enjoy all the “off-leash” dog beaches I have come to know around the San Diego coast. They are a great place to get some exercise with our dog and offer sunshine, spectacular views, and a cool ocean breeze.  They also offer a lot of fun action to keep our young son engaged.

What is your favorite hobby?

I love to read just about anything related to history, economics, and business.  It is the best way I know of to continuously learn about the changing world around us and the incredible organizations and people involved.

Can you play any instruments?

In 6th grade I began playing the baritone horn, which I was told was a precursor to the tuba (sounded cool at the time!).  I didn’t end up playing the tuba, but later took bass guitar and mandolin lessons, which I still enjoy today.

What is your personal motto or mantra?

“Time is like a river that carries us forward into encounters with reality that will require us to make decisions.  We can’t stop our movement down this river, and we can’t avoid those encounters.  We can only approach them in the best way possible.” – Ray Dalio

This is one of my favorite personal mantras because it is a wonderful reminder that no matter how complex or difficult certain aspects of life may become, we can attempt to stay focused on the most important factors within our control.  We can do our personal best, and for better or worse, the rest will take care of itself!


  • New Mexico State University, BA Economics
  • University of San Francisco, MA Economics