Lizz Pellet

Chief Talent Officer

Lizz Pellet joined Dowling and Yahnke Wealth Advisors in 2021. As Chief Talent Officer, she implements the human resources and talent management operations systems and structures that support the mission, vision, and values of the Firm. Lizz focuses on building a sustainable, competitive advantage through the selection of top talent and the development of our internal team. Her prior experience includes over twenty-years in Human Resources focusing on organizational culture and career development.

Lizz holds the title of Fellow, Johns Hopkins University, in Organizational Change. In addition, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business from Lesley University.

Lizz has been nominated to the Top 30 Global Gurus list in Organizational Culture for the past five years and has placed in the top 20 since 2017. She has written three business books on organizational culture, change and green recruiting. Lizz is an advisor at UCI, Beall Applied Innovation and a Corporate Trainer at UMass Global. Lizz is married and has two wonderful children.

What do you find most rewarding about working at Dowling & Yahnke Wealth Advisors?

Working in Human Resources is a very rewarding field where I can work cross functionally with all the staff.  Growing and mentoring professionals is what drives me at work.

Why did you join Dowling & Yahnke Wealth Advisors?

I had the opportunity to work with D&Y for the past year in a consulting capacity and became really jazzed about the staff and the opportunity to support the Firm through its high growth phase.  The Firm is well established and is poised for significant growth.  For me, that growth will focus on developing staff and creating exciting career options.

What is your favorite family tradition?

Our annual family vacations.  It is not like the Griswold vacations; we tend to be a bit more organized and planned.  We love to maximize our time on expeditions, learning the local flavor and traditions of the places we visit.  We gravitate to warm climates and beaches.  We’ve had a timeshare since the kids were little, and every year we have traded for new and exciting adventures.  Our goal is to be as close to the beach as possible and always have a few sea excursions.

What is your favorite hobby?  Why?

I love to find old pieces of furniture and refinish them.  I find working with the wood really relaxing.  Taking something that is old, rustic, and a bit worn and giving it a new life is exciting.  I am not traditional in the pieces I choose or the refinishing style – I go with what catches my eye.  When I am on vacation, I will always look to find something that can add to a refinishing project – old knobs, interesting materials, or prints that make the piece very custom and hold some great memories.

Do you have a favorite pet?

Don’t tell the other pets in the house, but yes.  I have cat and her coat looks like a New England dairy cow.  She is black and white with a big black spot on her elbow.  She is definitely my favorite.


  • Johns Hopkins University, Fellow, Organizational Change
  • Lesley University, BA Business



  • Advisor, UCI, Beall Applied Innovation
  • Corporate Trainer, UMass Global