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Social Security and Medicare Planning

As you approach retirement, you have many decisions to make. Two of your most important choices are how to tackle Social Security and Medicare. We can help.

Social Security

Navigating Social Security can be complex. When do you file for retirement benefits? What happens if you file early, or if you delay filing? Are you eligible for widow’s or widower’s benefit or a divorced spousal benefit? How can these integrate with your existing Social Security plan? And what about disability benefits, or other family benefits?

We offer comprehensive Social Security planning to help you maximize benefits for you and your family. As Social Security regulations evolve, we stay informed to make sure that you and your family can continually realign your Social Security strategy to best meet your financial needs and goals.


Medicare is another key piece of planning for retirement. When should you enroll in Medicare? Which types of coverage should you elect? What if you’re still covered by an employer health plan? Do you need additional tax planning to help you minimize the chances of paying higher Medicare Part B and Part D premiums?

We can walk you through the details so you can make informed decisions about your health care coverage.


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